Your face tastes like candy.


if only you were real. le sigh.

You know what’s fun? Wasting time, that’s what. This isn’t a new concept, and in fact has been referenced by many of the greats in our society; Einstein, Camus, DeGeneres. More often than not, and especially in lengthy car rides, I like to come up with hypothetical situations. The other day was extra-special however, as I met my hypothetical story-telling soul mate. Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Burroughs and he is almost 6 years old. (Thanks Elizabeth for creating such a completely amazing and hilarious being by the way)

B and I were riding with mamma Liz last weekend, and brainstorming various ways to better our daily lives and general universe, as 6 year-olds tend to do. We are dealing with a picky-eater, which is how this little convo came into being.

Me: “What types of things do you like to eat?”

B: “I’m not hungry, I don’t want to eat right now.”

Me: “What if instead of regular food, everything tasted like candy?”

B: “Even the houses and trees?”

Me: “Ya! Then would you be hungry?”

B: “Yes, I’d eat the sides of buildings!”

Me: “And people would drive in cars made out of pop-tarts and with wheels out of Oreos!

B: “They would taste like candy but they’d be healthy for you, but they’d taste like candy!”

Me: “Obviously. And trees would grow cotton candy.”

B: “But they’d be healthy and you didn’t have to eat vegetables.”

Me. “Oh god yes! But I’m worried, because what will we do when it rains and everything becomes goopy and sticky? Will we have to roll in it and run around like pink monsters?”

B: “We’ll make a boat and float away.”

Me: “Good call, it’s a deal.”

The End. This is empirical evidence that kids are amazing, especially 6 year-olds name Burroughs.

First Test Blog

Poor Lei tried to eat toxic compost.

Poor Lei tried to eat toxic compost.

I’m getting ready, slowly but surely, for a trip to Thailand and beyond! I am so excited, I’ve decided to practice-blog in anticipation of the trip. Is it premature to start writing 5 months early? To spend an embarassing number of hours musing and dreaming about mundane non-logistical details, like the haircut I will get to avoid a monster-hair situation in the PAC humidity? Is is unwise to have planned the details of what my “travel wedding ring” will say, in tiny typeface, a solid 7 months ahead of the needed date? Probably, alost 100% sure. But, when battling the combination of staggering frustration, worry and boredom of a 9-5 job in social work, one must concern one’s selves with such trivialities, mustn’t one? I’m getting out, and I am so freaking excited (no offense to social work). One year of responsibility-free, schedule-less travel saans return plane ticket, and only the loosest of plans upon commencement of such a venture. Excited? Yes. Uncertain of the enourmously important details like visas, general geography of that side of the world (it’s not my fault, I had an alcoholic of a professo when I was supposed to learn such things) and housing? Also true. After 2 years of professionally solving (or trying to) other people’s life problems, I am so very thrilled to traips off to a country and let go of the planning, worrying and scrutenizing that is so innate in my day-to-day.

Since, I have zero plan, feel free to email me some suggestions! Where should I go? What should I do? Any tips to avoid being sold into sex traffic?