First Test Blog

Poor Lei tried to eat toxic compost.

Poor Lei tried to eat toxic compost.

I’m getting ready, slowly but surely, for a trip to Thailand and beyond! I am so excited, I’ve decided to practice-blog in anticipation of the trip. Is it premature to start writing 5 months early? To spend an embarassing number of hours musing and dreaming about mundane non-logistical details, like the haircut I will get to avoid a monster-hair situation in the PAC humidity? Is is unwise to have planned the details of what my “travel wedding ring” will say, in tiny typeface, a solid 7 months ahead of the needed date? Probably, alost 100% sure. But, when battling the combination of staggering frustration, worry and boredom of a 9-5 job in social work, one must concern one’s selves with such trivialities, mustn’t one? I’m getting out, and I am so freaking excited (no offense to social work). One year of responsibility-free, schedule-less travel saans return plane ticket, and only the loosest of plans upon commencement of such a venture. Excited? Yes. Uncertain of the enourmously important details like visas, general geography of that side of the world (it’s not my fault, I had an alcoholic of a professo when I was supposed to learn such things) and housing? Also true. After 2 years of professionally solving (or trying to) other people’s life problems, I am so very thrilled to traips off to a country and let go of the planning, worrying and scrutenizing that is so innate in my day-to-day.

Since, I have zero plan, feel free to email me some suggestions! Where should I go? What should I do? Any tips to avoid being sold into sex traffic?

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