About Super Fun Times, and other things of great import.


Hi, I’m Elana. I’d love to be able to be one of those people who can pull off renaming themselves “windsong” or “applebottom” or “peachflute” or “salmonhair” or “crystaleyesoulmountain” with a straight face (as well as would LOVE to meet someone with one of those names), but sadly I am flawed and a mere mortal. So, I’m Elana. My future babies are in for some weird names though, I can tell you that for sure. Sorry future babies.

I’m looking forward to the moment when I get to say “I used to be a social worker, but now I travel and am [temporarily] retired.” I’ll be adventuring with my husband, Jesse, and I’ll be a Thai language learning, random-craft-making, clothes-sewing, jewelereering, nap-mastering lady wandering my way through Thailand soon, and that is what I’ll “do.” We’ll be part-time hotel and tour guides to friends coming for a visit, blogateering, photographing, and generally doing whatever we like (except bad-mouthing Thai royalty, because Thai people do NOT put up with that shit. I’m sure the royalty are lovely people anyway.)

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